The Wolf Vampire

By Mitchell Graves

Mitch the treasure hunter is following a treasure map to a cave on the other side of the mountains. There is a magic potion that will turn whoever drinks it into a vampire. Mitch likes traveling through the mountains as there are many ancient treasures hidden in the caves. He’s found superhuman skeletons, wolf skeletons and magical potions. While he is walking through the mountains Mitch finds a mushroom and eats it. Mitch starts to shake violently and his eyes roll back in his head. Long ears grow of his head, a tail pops out of his butt, and long fangs grow out of his mouth. The moon starts to rise up and Mitch howls so loudly that every animal in the mountains can hear him.

Mitch walks up to a cabin in the mountains and rings the doorbell. A young man opens the door with an axe and swings at Mitch. Mitch yells “Calm down! Don’t make me pissed off!” The man keeps coming, swinging the axe at Mitch. Mitch puts his hands around the man’s throat and strangles him. Mitch forgets that he is a wolf and not a human anymore. Mitch looks down at the man and realizes that he has committed murder. Mitch is so upset that he runs deeper into the mountains. So deep that no village people can find him.

Mitch wanders the mountains for 59 days and eventually he stumbles upon a castle. As he is walking towards the castle there is a loud explosion. A wise man appears from the dust. He says, “I am a doctor, I can cure you of your wolf disease”. Mitch says, “Ok, Doc. But one thing, my wolf disease is out of control. I want to keep some of my powers but I don’t want to hurt people anymore.” The wise man hands Mitch a pill. Mitch takes the pill and passes out. When he wakes up the wise man is gone and Mitch is back to normal.

Mitch starts walking back to the village. He follows a path and suddenly Mitch falls into a vampire cave. There are a lot of coffins and sleeping vampires. Luckily they can’t come out in the day time. Mitch sees a potion sitting on a coffin. He walks towards it and reaches out his hand to pick it up. “Ow!” A princess vampire bites Mitch’s neck and sucks his blood.
“Please don’t drink my blood!”
The princess says, “Didn’t you come here to become a vampire?”
Mitch replies, “Yes, I was looking for a potion that turns people into vampires.”
The Princess shouts, “Well, now you have the curse of the vampire. You will marry me! You’re a vampire now!”
Mitch grumbles, “Fine, ok, this sucks. But I kept my wolf powers so now I am a wolf vampire!”
Mitch and the princess join clans and live happily ever after.


Studio Spotlight – Mixed Media

By Melissa Clouse


In the Mixed Media studio artists are making golf ball bees, lady bugs, knitting scarfs and painting golf balls. Artists like the studio because it keeps them busy, it’s fun, and because they like to knit. The artists are in the studio on different days, some people are there 1 day a week while some are there 2 or 3 times a week. The lead artist is teaching new skills like how to make a house sculpture, lady bugs made out of golf balls, paper quilling flowers, and other golf artwork.

I like to knit hat and scarf sets and make coasters. That is why the Mixed Media studio is my favorite studio. I also made a bird house and helped make flowers for Mother’s Day. In the past I have made magnets out of bottle caps and resin, greeting cards, a wall hanging of cupcakes, a cake box, and glass vases with beads. I also collaborated with another artist to make robot sculptures using old electronic parts. In the mixed media studio they use a lot of different materials to make artwork. We use wire, cans, melted plastic spoons, alcohol ink, resin, tile, paint, paper mache, and bottle caps.



Follow Your Dreams

By Gabriel Campbell

Art is a thing that we all can enjoy. Even if our art is awkward it is still a part of art. When we mess up we can always start over and try again, that’s why it’s always good to practice. Eventually you get better at it, and who knows you might become a master at art. Art is like an exciting adventure that anyone can enjoy. Just follow your dreams and there will always be a chance to get better and to improve your art skills. All you have to do is challenge yourself to the goals ahead. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

You can see more of my art at:

My Little Dog

By Melissa Clouse

My dogs name is Spike he is a little pug. He likes to play with the other dogs at my house. He is also playful. He is brown. He was my dad’s dog but now he is my dog because my dad died, and I told my dad I would keep Spike and take care of his dog. So I am. I love my dog very much. He makes me happy when am sad or mad. I like to take him for long walks and give him a bath. Also he was born on September 11. He has a bone but he only plays with it when the other dogs will. He tears up all his toys.

Spring Time

by Charlie Sandkhule

Spring is just around the corner,
We will have some nice sunny days,
The leaves will grow in the trees,
The flowers will grow in the ground,
The birds will sing and the bees will buzz.

The frogs will come out from hibernation,
The crickets will chirp,
The turtles will come out from the mud,
The butterflies will come out of their cocoons,
The valleys and foot hills will grow with flowers.