By Prometheus Lewis and Vincent Cochran


I have two kids, a boy and a girl, and we live in Japan. We became famous Masters of Everything! There was a big volcano right next to me but it was ok because it was sleeping. I decided to invite some friends over for a party. We eat lots of pizza but we don’t get drunk. After the party I went down to the cellar and dug a hole just for fun. A girl appeared in my thoughts and she said, “Hi! You dug in the right place, I’m glad you found me. We are going to be King and Queen of Japan.” I go back upstairs and my house has turned into a mansion! The girl in my thoughts is sitting by the window looking through a telescope. I walk up to the window and the girl lets me look through the telescope. It’s pointing right at the volcano. “Oh my God! The volcano is smoking!” RRRRRUUUUUMBLE! The volcano lets out a loud roar and fire starts to spew everywhere. “Who dare awaken me?!” grumbled the volcano, “For seven thousand years I’ve been asleep.” The ground started to shake under my feet, “That volcano is going to sink the island!” I cried.

I ran out of the house with the girl and we went from door to door to tell people to get off the island before it sank. “You have to get to the ship, the volcano is erupting and we need to leave right now!” As all of the people were running to the space ship the volcano was throwing giant lava balls at the people. I stopped running. “We have to get out of here!” cried a lady as she ran off into the distance. I had realized that the lady in my thoughts had made me forget about my kids. “I have to find them before this island sinks!” I cried out for them, “Demetrius! Metheus! Where are you?” I ran back to the house as fast I could. When I got there a giant wall of molten rock was about to hit the house, “Kids! We have to get to the ship! Where are you?” I saw the front door open and Demetrius and Metheus came running out towards me, “Dad!” CRRUNNCHH! SPLAAAASH! The house was swallowed up by the molten rocks. “HEY! I like you guys, you should stay here with me forever,” rumbled the volcano, “MWAHAHAHA!!!” Fire started to rain down from the sky and I grabbed my kid’s hands.

Molten rocks were landing on the ground all around us. I decided my kids were too slow so I scooped them up in my arms and ran towards the space ship. “Hurry up! Hurry up!” cried the people from the space ship. The earth was shaking under my feet and it was hard not to fall over but I kept running as fast as I could. I jump towards the space ship and the ground disappears from under my feet. Suddenly I am lying in a net; the people on the space ship had thrown it down to catch me. ZZZOOOOOOOMM! The space ship flies up into the sky and as I look down from the net I see the island sinking into the ocean. Large clouds of steam rise up from the water and suddenly there’s a loud BOOOOOOOOMM! The whole village is destroyed. “Wait!” I cry out, “The volcano has disintegrated! Haha! It killed itself as well as the island!” Finally I am pulled aboard the space ship with my kids and we fly off to find a new island to make our home.


The Future is an Unknowing Time of the Year

By Jordan Rosales

We might be uncertain about the future events,

That something bad or good might happen, I don’t know,

Even the God can prophesize the future that is about to come,

Maybe, we decided that the future is coming, so.

The future is an unknowing time of the year,

It is mysterious to everyone around the world,

That means it’s going to an end that everyone could hear,

Think about planning for the future worlds.

The prophecy that foretold future events,

That something good or dangerous is coming here,

God knows what will happen about it,

That future’s prophecy is getting near.

Wise Quackers

By Ted Yeager

  1. A duck walks into a tavern on a hot day and orders an ice cold beer, the bartender says to the duck that it will cost $4.50.

The duck replies back to the bartender put it on my bill!


  1. What is a ducks favorite snack?

Quackers and Milk.


  1. What did the duck do when he was told a joke?

He quacked up.

The Purple Blue Sea

By Vincent Cochran


A lone stormy night long ago it was raining, snowing and thundering on the island of Monyen. The wind was blowing very hard and was ripping the trees apart and throwing them all around the island. The only way to stop this chaos was to find the magical weather stones. Whoever collected these ancient stones would gain the power to control the weather. There was only one chosen person who could control all five weather stones and protect the island of Monyen. The people of the island decided to send the great hero, Aquila to the ocean to collect the first of the ancient stones. Aquila knew that the first stone was the water stone and that it could control the oceans waves. He also knew that he would have to cast off into the ocean to find it. So Aquila set sail into the terrifying ocean to get his treasure and return back to his people.

After five years of long, hard sailing Aquila finally found land. Aquila had become desperate and hungry having not eaten for so many years. He set off into the island to find food. While plundering through the jungle he found a shimmering tree covered with strange fruit. Aquila reached up, picked one of the strange looking fruit and ate it. The fruit filled him up and stopped his slow starvation, saving him from death. Aquila continued to cut his way through the thick vines of the jungle island. Eventually he came upon a cave with two native islanders blocking the entrance. Before he could be seen, Aquila made a loud lion’s roar to scare off the guards. The natives looked around, startled and confused, and then ran off into the jungle. Aquila entered into the ancient cave. Inside, there were many booby traps, puzzles and pitfalls to avoid. Aquila avoided all of the traps, only to come to a crystal rock sitting in the center of the room. Realizing that this too was probably a trap, he carefully picked up a bag of sand and a rock, and replaced the crystal with it. Now that he had what he was looking for, Aquila left the cave.

As he was leaving the natives appeared out of the jungle and pointed their spears at Aquila. Right before the spears sunk into Aquila, a voodoo wizards appeared, “Stop! No fighting!” He turns to Aquila, “What are you doing on sacred ground and why are you trying to steal our treasure?” Aquila says, “I’m not after your treasure, all I want is the stone.” The voodoo wizard saw what the warrior was wearing and said, “That stone looks familiar, it looks like ours. Where did you get it?” Aquila replied, “I got this stone for my people, they want me to save the island of Monyen. They sent me here on a journey to look for the water stone.” The warrior looked at the voodoo wizard wondering if he might kill him but instead he let him live. “Hahahaha! So you’re looking for stones?” The native islanders drop their spears and let the warrior pass.


Their village was pretty and beautiful with lots of trees and animals and there were waterfalls surrounding the village. The voodoo wizard takes Aquila to the chief’s hut which was big and enormous. The voodoo wizard wanted to show Aquila symbols and paintings that were on the walls of the hut. While the chief and the voodoo wizard were showing Aquila around, someone was spying on the village. It was a pirate that was spying on the native islanders. The pirate went back to his ship by the beach where the captain was waiting for some news. The pirate told his captain about the stones that give power to control the weather. The captain sent his crew back down to the village but they were spotted by some kids. The captain and his crew kidnap the children and decide to keep them as prisoners. The captain asks them where the weather stones are but they don’t understand his words. They yell out “Help” in frightened voices.


The native islanders realize that the children are missing and call for them. They begin searching the island and they see a flag with two swords and a skull in the middle. The native islanders don’t know what the symbol means but they know that it is bad. The captain notices the native islanders on the shore and he begins to make a lot of noise to cover the sound of the children’s cries for help. The native islanders hear the noise and head towards the ship with their spears. When they get to the shore the native islanders see that the captain has all of the children in his arms. “Where are the weather stones?” he cries. The children keep speaking gibberish so the captain pulls out his sword and holds it to their necks. “I’m tired of playing these games! Tell me where the stones are now!” The native islanders, the chief, the voodoo wizard and Aquila rush onto the ship to stop the captain from killing the children. While they are fighting someone comes up behind Aquila and knocks him on the head. The voodoo wizard saves Aquila and takes him back to the village. The voodoo wizard uses a spell to slow the captain and the pirates down. The wizard knew that he could not stop the pirates forever; they would keep sending more and more pirates after the stone. So, the wizard wrapped the stone around Aquila’s neck and put a sleeping spell on him so he wouldn’t notice that the stone was there. The chief then put Aquila in a boat and sent him away to keep the stone safe.

Aquila awoke in the middle of the ocean without any memory of his previous situation. He had been sailing for five months. He looked around for the weather stone but found it nowhere, instead he saw glowing coming from around his neck. It must be the stone! The light was guiding him towards a patch of oceanic trees. There was no island, only tall trees sticking out from the water. Aquila’s boat made its way through the trees until it got stuck on the shallow bottom. He used the stone to part the muck and he began to stumble through the trees. The stone led him to an ancient city up in the trees. The city was like an enormous tree house and Aquila could see the stars twinkling through the canopy above. The lights of the tree city began to come on. Aquila climbed up a tree, making his way towards the city. Once he got there he looked around, taking in his surroundings before proceeding into the city. He looked around, and he bumped into these funny people wearing tree clothes. He thought they looked friendly but as he passed them, they just looked down and walked away. “Here take these,” a tree person handed him some clothes, “You might need these to fit in.” The warrior refused to wear the clothes because they were poufy and weird. The tree person told Aquila that if he didn’t put on the clothes he would end up in jail. Reluctantly the warrior put on the clothes and the tree people showed him around the city. The clothes were itchy and uncomfortable but Aquila wore them anyway.

The city was wonderful. Aquila told the tree people that he had never seen a sky as pretty as this. Aquila saw a star shining in the sky. It was turning the sky a beautiful shade of blue and purple. The light led Aquila’s eyes towards a tall tree tower which had flowers blooming all over it. Aquila pointed at the strange tower. The tree people told him that the tower was well guarded by elves and that there was no way to get in unless you dressed like an elf. However, in the tower there is a hidden pathway that Aquila can use to sneak in. The tree people asked Aquila why he wanted to get into the tower. “I need to find another stone,” he replied. “Stone?” asked the tree people, “What do you want with a stone?” Aquila explained to the tree people about the stones and they told him that the stone he is looking for is kept locked in a vault that was guarded by elves.

The next day the tree people helped Aquila sneak into the tower by distracting the elves from their duties. Once they were inside the tower Aquila and the tree people worked together to get past the booby traps. They entered a crazy room that was like a puzzle. Aquila was worried that they would never solve the puzzle but the tree people knew the tower inside and out so they solved the puzzle quickly. Aquila continued to move through the castle, dodging traps and solving puzzles as they went. Suddenly they bumped into an elf princess. “That’s enough! You’re journey ends here!” The tree people and Aquila wondered how the princess had gotten to the stone without setting off any traps. “I sleep walked,” she yawned. This is no ordinary princess; she was holding a twig wand and was going to zap Aquila. Aquila pulled out his shield and was ready to reflect it back at her. The princess thought that Aquila was a thief but the tree people shouted, “Stop princess he is one of us.” “Why should I believe that he is not going to steal my weather stone?” asked the princess. Aquila told her, “I am not a thief; I already have the same stone as you.” “So you stole that too?” “No, it was given to me by my people to save the world.” The princess believed him and let Aquila go. She led him to the stone which was protected by a force field. The princess raised her arms and cast a spell, “Kazaam!” The force field dropped.

Just as the princess was about to give the stone to Aquila a thief appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the princesses stone. The thief tried to run away but was blocked by the guards. The thief ran behind the princess and pulled out his dagger, “Stay back or else she gets it!” Suddenly one of the tree kids snuck up behind the boy and knocked him on the head. He ripped the stone out of the thief’s hands and ducked and ran. The guards surrounded the thief and Aquila pulled the princess to safety. One of the elf guards turned to Aquila and said, “For saving the princess and the weather stone you are safe to move around the city but don’t let me catch you causing trouble.” Then the princess said, “Thank you for saving me, I guess you’re not a thief after all. I would like to give you my wind stone for it has caused too much trouble in our city.”

The princess showed the warrior around the city and explained that there were bad things going on. Then the princess showed the warrior to his room but Aquila was not tired. The princess told him that he would need his strength so that he could continue his journey. The princess made a spell to help Aquila sleep and her servant mixed some herbs and food in a pestle. The warrior slept deeply and when he awoke there was a gift of a new sword, a shield, and clothes. Aquila felt strong enough to continue his journey and thought about how he was going to save the world from chaos and how he would become the greatest warrior in the world.

While he was getting ready he could hear music coming through the trees. Aquila had never heard such beautiful sounds. He followed where the music was coming from. As he walked along the music got louder and stronger and Aquila felt hypnotized by the music. It pulled him into a tree like he was in a spell. It kept pulling him into the middle of the tree where there was a girl playing a flute. The flute was making such a beautiful sound that Aquila could not turn his head away. He sat down and crossed his legs. The music was so pretty it gave out a colorful energy wave. The music was driving the warrior mad so he swung his sword around like he was in a trance. The princess appeared and waved her wand at the girl playing the flute. The flute flew into the air and the spell was broken. “Leave this forest now! Or else!” cried the princess. But the girl said, “I don’t take orders from you!” The princess lifted up her wand and shouted, “Then die!” The girl jumped up and got ready to duel the princess. The princess summoned up a thundering rain cloud and the girl who liked to control minds summoned up wooden puppets. The puppets scattered around to surround the princess but the wind was too strong. The wind blew the puppets away but it wasn’t strong enough to get rid of all of them. So the princess summoned up termites that crawled all over the puppets and destroyed their wood. As the wooden puppets got weak and fell apart, the girl also began to grow weak and soon she disintegrated too. As pieces of her body fell to the ground a large tree appeared in her place and the forest returned to normal. Aquila stopped swinging his sword once the spell was broken.

The princess travelled with Aquila through the forest until they came upon a gateway that led to a majestic city. The city was ancient and unknown however the people were expecting Aquila and the princess. They were good people who welcomed the travelers and asked them to eat and sing with them. They ate fried rice and kangaroo meat and then took a tour around the beautiful city. The princess and the warrior were scouting around the city looking for stones. The people said, “If you are looking for stones then go to the fire temple at the top of the mountain.” Aquila and the princess began to climb the mountain and the ground began to shake violently beneath them. Fire balls began to rain down on the travelers. Aquila spotted a cave in the distance. “Over here! This way!” he cried. He dragged the princess into the safety of the cave. Once inside the cave they found a pile of gear. “There must be other creatures in this cave,” said the princess. Aquila hears shouting in the distance, “Maybe we should go deeper into the cave and see what’s there.” They follow a tunnel deeper into the mountain and a light begins to appear. As they get closer the tunnel opens up into a cavern. They see a goblin wearing a weather stone. “This mountain must be controlled by the goblin and trolls alliance,” Aquila told the princess. The princess handed Aquila a potion, “Drink this; it will save you in case you get hurt.”

The goblins and trolls were working people to death in the cavern. They were not letting them drink any water or eat any food. The goblins were whipping people to their doom. The goblins were keeping an egg warm and when Aquila and the princess came upon the goblins it looked like they were trying to hatch the egg. The princess shot an arrow at a goblin. “Ahhh…uhhhh….” groaned the goblin. A troll turned and pointed at Aquila and the princess, “Get them!” While Aquila was fighting the goblins and trolls the princess cast a spell that cleared a path for the people to escape. All of a sudden there was a large screeching noise. The egg had finally hatched and a giant falcon emerged. The screeching noise was so loud that the princess and Aquila couldn’t stand the noise. Aquila lifted up his sword and the warrior struck the falcon down. As the giant bird tried to fly away Aquila jumped on the falcon’s back and as Aquila straddled its back the giant bird recklessly crashed down to the ground and made its last screech. The falcon flapped his wings a few more times before it finally died. Aquila looked around and realized that everyone was dead. The princess walked over to a goblin, pulled the fire stone from around his neck and handed it to Aquila.

Aquila and the princess travelled back to the ancient city at the base of the mountain. The people of the city thanked the travelers for rescuing their people and killing the giant falcon. That night the city held a celebration in honor of the victory over the goblins and trolls. The next morning the people of the city gave Aquila and the princess a boat so that they could continue the next stage of their journey.

The boat sailed for a month before Aquila and the princess reached an island full of tall, tall trees. They saw huts in the trees but there was no way to get up to the tree tops. Suddenly something came and swept them to an elevator that pulled them out of the boat and high up into the sky. The ground was so far beneath them that it was hard to see down there. The elevator took them higher and higher. They went past the tree tops, through the clouds, and up into the sky. Finally they arrived at a giant land filled with giant things. Aquila and the princess stepped out of the elevator and found themselves in a giant garden filled with giant man eating plants. Aquila pulled out his sword and began to cut his way through the garden. A giant plant snapped at Aquila and Aquila slashed the plants head off. After battling through the giant garden of man eating plants Aquila and the princess came upon a footprint. They realized that they were no longer in their world. “This can’t be real,” said Aquila. “It is!” cried the princess, “Here it comes!” A giant bird swoops towards them and tries to grab Aquila. The princess shoots a magic arrow at the giant bird. It hits the bird’s wing but the bird keeps on flying and soon it had disappeared with Aquila in its claws. The princess realizes she must track the bird so that she can rescue Aquila.

The princess follows a trail of feathers and blood to a tree. “I must have injured that bird,” thought the princess. As she looks up into the tree the princess sees a large nest. The princess drinks a potion and soon beautiful bird wings grow out of her back. She flies up into the tree and finds Aquila passed out in the nest. The princess sees the giant bird in the nest as well. It is about to eat Aquila! The princess continued to shoot arrows at the bird but it wasn’t enough. All she was doing was making the bird angrier and angrier. She cast a spell to take the bird out, then she blasted the bird with her wand, and finally, she fried the giant bird. When Aquila woke up he smelled the delicious smell of fried bird. Aquila and the princess had a big meal and regained their energy so that they could continue on their journey.

From the nest they could see a castle in the distance. Aquila pointed at the castle and asked, “Can you fly us over there?” “I can try,” replied the princess. So the princess gathered all her magic and cast a spell that would fly them all the way to the castle. It worked and the princess flapped her wings and flew them to the castle. When they got there the castle was really big and the door was really big too. It was so big that they walked in through a crack. The room was huge. The princess said, “Now what?” It was such a big room that they couldn’t find what they were looking for. Aquila and the princess climbed up onto a giant table. There was giant food on the table but they didn’t have time to eat. “This is humungous!” said the princess, “We will never find the stone.”

Meanwhile a laughing giant with a dog came along and said, “Ah! I harvested a lot of gold today. I’ll put this in a safe place with the other treasure.” Once he put the treasure away the giant sat down at the table and ate like a pig. While the giant was eating his supper and the dog was eating a bone, Aquila and the princess were sneaking around the table finding clues to the next stone. “Look!” whispers the princess, “The earth stone is hanging on the dog’s collar.” They waited for the giant and the dog to fall asleep. While the giant was sleeping Aquila and the princess snuck up to the dog and Aquila carefully picked out the earth stone with his sword. Aquila finally got the earth stone loose and was sneaking away with it when it lit up and woke the dog. The dog barked and chased after them. Aquila and the princess ran into the crack as fast as they could. The dog kept barking until the giant threw a boot at it and said, “Shut up dog!” The giant continued to sleep like a bear and the dog sat down next to the crack and went back to sleep.

While Aquila and the princess were escaping the castle they found a spider cave and went inside. The princess started a fire so that they could see where they were going but the cave was so full of spider webs that it was hard to move. All of a sudden Aquila and the princess could walk no further. They were trapped on a sticky spider web. A giant spider was crawling towards them but it was moving so quickly that there was no way that Aquila or the princess could survive unless they worked together. They summoned up a gravity spell to make the spider heavy. Aquila struck first and wounded the giant spider on its head and the spider dropped dead. Aquila and the princess crossed over the giant spider web and got to the other side. Another cave opened up around them and the princess spread light with her wand. They had walked into a rat cave but there were no rats so they were free to continue their journey around the castle.

As they were walking in the darkness they saw a light and went towards it. It led them to the top of a giant beanstalk that was coming up from the ground. Aquila and the princess decided to climb down the beanstalk. It took them forever to climb down but eventually they came upon a hole. They entered the hole and found a staircase inside. The stairway led them to a crystal city. The crystal city was sparkly and beautiful. Aquila and the princess use their spells as a weapon against the crystal people. Some of the crystal people are good while some of the crystal people are bad so Aquila and the princess must be careful. There is no way for them to tell who is good and who is evil. They bump into a crystal boy who was hiding from an evil crystal one. He gave Aquila and the princess some kind of stone and showed them to a crystal elevator that took them down the beanstalk. As they were travelling in the elevator Aquila looked down at his hand and realized that the crystal boy had given him the light stone. Aquila put the stone around his neck. Finally he had all five of the weather stones. When they stepped out of the elevator they were at an underground river where a boat was waiting for them. The crystal boy watched as the princess and Aquila sailed away from the island.

As Aquila and the princess were sailing they spotted an island that was being invaded by pirates. As they got closer Aquila realized that the island was the same one where he got the water stone from the voodoo wizard. “We must help them!” cried Aquila. They sped up and once they reached the island Aquila and the princess cast many spells to fight off the pirates. The voodoo wizard and the chief were glad to see Aquila. As the chief welcomed him back he said, “Ahh! You have a friend, I am thrilled! Aquila we need your help. The pirates keep swarming our island and each time we fight them off they keep coming back.” Even though Aquila and the princess were fighting alongside the native people, the voodoo wizard and the chief they were losing the battle against the pirates. Suddenly the chief was shot in the ribs and died. Aquila was sad and began to give up. “Snap out of it!” cries the princess, “We must avenge the chief!” Aquila stood up, pulled out his sword, and started striking down every pirate that he saw. This made the pirates furious so they fired a cannon at Aquila. Aquila jumped out of the way and while the pirates were distracted by him, the princess and the native people attacked the ship and tore it apart until there was nothing left.

After the pirates had died the captain of the pirates came and said, “Well, you have killed my pirate army but you will never defeat me. Arrgghhh!” The  captain pulled out his sword and fought Aquila. The captain launched an attack but Aquila blocked it and continued fighting with his sword. The captain was big and strong so the princess jumped in to save Aquila. She shot an arrow at the captain’s head but missed. “Arrhhhhh!” shouted the captain, “You’re not part of this island!” He lunged towards the princess and tried to attack her. Aquila jumped in to save the princess and cast a spell to keep the captain from striking her. “What kind of dark magic is this?” asked the captain. Now that the captain was under a holding spell Aquila and the princess had a chance to take him down. “NNNNOOOOOOO!!!” screamed the captain as he fell down to the ground and died.

There was a funeral for the chief. The native people set his body in a boat and were about to push it out into the ocean when Aquila cries, “Wait!” The native people stopped and looked at him. “These weather stones have caused pain and suffering all across the land.” Aquila took the weather stones from around his neck and placed each of them onto the body of the chief. Aquila set the boat on fire and the native people pushed it out to sea. As the boat disappeared into the distance the storm clouds parted and the crashing waves became calm. A beautiful light came down from the sky and there was finally peace on the island.

Aquila and the princess sailed to Aquila’s homeland, the island of Monyen. As they sailed the two heroes realized that there was peace everywhere that they travelled. When Aquila and the princess reached Monyen all of the people on the island were waiting for them. They held a big celebration and made Aquila the new chief of Monyen. The princess had become such good friends with Aquila that she decided to stay on the island. There was peace and happiness at every village across the land and Aquila and the princess could finally relax and enjoy their lives.

Insight Coffee

By Mitchell Graves


Last week I went to Insight Coffee Shop to drink some coffee and look at art. There is ceramics art on display from Southside Art Center by Franklin, Yer, Nancy and Nordis. I thought it was a nice show and the coffee was awesome. It was cool to see Southside’s art in the community.



By Joe Siciliano


Southside Art Center’s newsletter team went on a field trip to a coffee shop called the Insight Coffee Shop. The reason that we went there was because there was an art show happening there, and the art was from Southside’s ceramic studio. I have never been to a coffee shop before, so I had a great time while I was there and I did not get bored at all. I don’t usually go to places like coffee shops, so it was very interesting to me.