Featured Artist – Sara Stover

By Ted Yeager


For the month of October Southside Art Center’s featured artist is 25 year old Sara Stover. Sara has been attending Southside Art Center since 2010. Her goals are to make more ceramic sculptures and become better at sewing. During an interview with Sara I asked her why she chose ceramics as a goal instead of another form of art. Sara answered that she enjoys getting dirty. Sara is currently working on ceramic sake cups and plates. Sara also said that she loves where she works and gets along with her co-workers.

   francoeur stover sara

soutern bell princess stover,sara   Stover Sara, Leaf Vase


Broken Friendship

By Lorena Torres

I’m going to miss you

We had so much fun

I don’t know what to do

Without you I’m heartbroken

I loved you as my sister

I consider you as my twin

Even though I’m older than you

We’ve been there for each other

I’m so grateful to have you

We had our ups and downs

When you’re busy you manage to be

There for me even though I waited for you

You are still my little girl and my little angel

I will keep all of our precious memories

I will always think about you

I still love you and you mean the world to me

I will never forget our friendship

The special bond that we had

It’s hard not having you around

Goodbye for now and I hope we can be

Close friends again