Ted Sees Red

By Lorena Torres

There once was a banana named Ted,

Who wished his name was Fred.

He had a best friend named Mildred,

One day she decided to dye her hair red.

Ted cried and said he’s afraid of red,

“What on earth did you do with your head?”

Mildred was so mad that her face turned red.

Ted ran home and saw his neighbor’s house was red,

All of a sudden he wished he was dead.

“Why did you paint your house red, Ned?”

“Because blue is the color that I dread” said Ned.

“Ned, do you know I hate red?”

Ted walked to his door and saw a bunch of roses that were red,

There was a note from Mildred,

“I’m sorry that you don’t like red, Ted.”

Why did she send red roses thought Ted.

Ted picked up the roses and pricked his finger then he bled,


Ted dropped the roses and on them he tread,

He washed his hands, “I can’t get away from my blood” Ted said.

Ted put a band aid on his finger to hide the red.

“All I’ve been seeing is RED I should just go to bed,

So maybe tomorrow I will wake up and be Fred.”