By Regina Johnson

Boys can be annoying, acting like monkeys

They are messy and stinky like dogs

Boys pass gas sometimes

They burp too sometimes

Some boys are bad

Boys play video games all day

Some boys like cheerleaders and foxy mamas

Some boys are jealous and act like the Grinch

Boys love sports,

Fighting games

Shooting games,


Football and


Boys like to exercise everyday

Boys like to eat everyday

Boys don’t clean up for themselves

Boys like to get messy and smelly around the house

But the one thing that makes it all bearable,

Is that they always have your back!


Johnny Galecki

By Joe Siciliano


Johnny Galecki is an actor who is probably best known for his role as David Healy on the classic comedy sitcom “Roseanne” from 1992 to 1997, and he currently plays Dr Leonard Hofstadter on the wildly popular sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”, which has been on CBS since it came out in 2007. Johnny started his acting career back in 1987, but his breakthrough role finally came when he was in his teens back in 1992 when he made his first appearance on the sitcom “Roseanne” in the episode “The Bowling Show” from season four, and became such a big part of the show’s main cast until its final season in 1997. He has appeared in many movies, such as “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. He dated “Big Bang Theory” co-star Kaley Cuoco for about two years while the two also played a couple on the show, has been close friends with actress Sara Gilbert since the mid-nineties, and plays the cello. I have been a huge fan of Johnny Galecki since January of 2015, and I love everything about him, especially his sense of humor and personality. He is the reason why “The Big Bang Theory” is my favorite TV show these days, and I just can’t get enough of what he does for a living. He really amazes me and makes me laugh so hard when he says or does something funny. Johnny Galecki is simply the best and he will always be a big star in my eyes no matter what!