By Regina R. Serenity Johnson


I love Hawaii. I went to Hawaii for my vacation. I thought Hawaii was mysterious and full of love. When you go to Hawaii you can get married, surf, scuba diving, relax, and party. I went to the beach, went shopping and hiking. I had coconut water and it was yummy. I had a box of chocolate covered pineapple and they were delicious. I also went swimming in a swimming pool. Then I saw a play called journey of Hawaii where I saw hula girls shaking their hips.


My Latest Gig with the Southside Ensemble

By Joe Siciliano


The Southside Ensemble just performed at the Department of Child Support Services in Rancho Cordova for their Disability Awareness Day event. This is the first gig that the Southside Ensemble has had in quite a while, and it felt so good to perform in front of so many people again. There were a number of other vendors there, which included assistance dogs for the disabled, services for disabled police officers, and work programs for the disabled. We sang songs that we have sung before at our other gigs, and a few were “Under the Boardwalk” and “I Just Called to Say I Love You”. I really loved the way the whole gig turned out from start to finish. Both the Southside Ensemble and Southside Art Center received certificates of appreciation for their attendance. I can hardly wait to see what will happen at the next gig when it’s time!