Why Are You Doing This?

By Lorena Torres

Why are you doing this?

Do you know you’re hurting someone I love?

You are hurting me too and I hate it

When you hurt her, you hurt me too

What did this person do to you?

I know this person did nothing

Except be your friend

All you do is put her down

Why are you doing this?

Did this person hurt you in some way?

Why do you have to be so mean?

Why are you stressing her out?

You’re not only hurting this person

But you’re hurting me too

You’re not only being mean to her

But to me too


The Real X-Files

By Thomas Dronet


The big question about space is: are there alien invasion motherships? I think about this a lot and wonder if there are aliens. Who are they and what do they want from us? Do they want mankind to be peaceful? Or perhaps, do they want to instigate a war between man and aliens alike? With the recent space exploration and discoveries I wonder if these aliens exist are they going to wipe out mankind for finding their planetary systems outside our own planet. Is the solar system even ours? Beware of the skies and keep an eye out for UFO’s or alien ships.

You’re Awesome

By Lorena Torres

Through this tough time

You are there and manage

To make me smile and look at the

Bright side of things

You have found a way to

Make me smile and laugh

You continue to do so in

So many ways

You don’t ask for anything

You’re happy when I’m happy

You make sure that I’m good

You make sure no one uses me

You’re overprotective of me

You make me feel special

A part of your family

Even if I’m older

I appreciate it

Backstreet Boys

By Mitchell Graves


The Backstreet Boys are a teenage boy band. They have a cool singing voice. They formed in 1993. My favorite songs are ‘I Want It That Way’, ‘Larger than Life’ and ‘Everybody’. I like the video for ‘Larger than Life’ because it has awesome dance moves and it is set in space. I like the band because their lyrics are cool and I like singing along to their music.


By Lisa Sliva


Our storytelling and comic instructor is leaving Southside so I interviewed him before he left us.


  1. How did you like being a teacher at Southside?


I loved it! It’s been a heck of a ride and I will always remember what I’ve learned from all of you here.


  1. How long have you been a teacher?


2 years, for as long as I’ve been at Southside and I love it! I would love to continue teaching in the future.


  1. How long have you been making art?


For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to create art for a living.


  1. Are you going to keep teaching in Florida?


Yes, hopefully.  I’m applying at similar art centers in the Miami area. I’m also considering teaching elementary school as a career.


  1. Are you going to miss us?


No, absolutely not (I’m just kidding!)

Missing You

By Lorena Torres

Where have you been?

Why haven’t you answered your phone?

Do you know I’ve been missing you?

Do you know how much I miss you?

Every night I cry to sleep

Wondering where you have been

I don’t get any calls from you

I’m worried that you’re injured

It is hard that you’re not there

I can’t talk to you when I need you

When are you planning to come home?

To pull me out of this darkness?

I pray that you will come back

So I won’t be blue and lonely

Until then I’m going to miss you

Your sweet footprints in my heart

My Christmas Gig with the Southside Ensemble

By Joe Siciliano


I just did my latest gig with the Southside Ensemble at the Southside Art Center Gallery in Country Club Plaza. Our singer Jose couldn’t make it to the gig this time, so it was just me, Jemel, Thanh, Pam and Matthew. A lot of people showed up and got to hear us sing classic Christmas songs, such as “Happy Christmas” and “Mr. Grinch”. There were even sweet snacks and refreshments to enjoy after the performance, and I had so much fun singing my heart out and getting into the holiday spirit. This has really been a joy and a pleasure for me, and I’m looking forward to what the Southside Ensemble will be doing in 2016. I always learn something exciting and new every time I’m rocking out with the band. I think 2016 is definitely going to be the best year ever for the Southside Ensemble and for me as well. I’m so excited about it already!