Leave Your Dirty Laundry at Home

Pt. 2 by Ted Yeager

Many of us who live in a board and care facility and attend a work program of some kind find it difficult to be progressive and do our best because problems at home are being
brought to work with us. We often think that the only form of dirty laundry is when we talk about someone else and gossip.

Bringing problems to work is also considered dirty laundry. It is like putting on the same dirty clothes after you have showered.


Monica’s New Job

Monica used to be a computer teacher. She is a nice lady and good friend. We are interviewing Monica because we like Monica and because she is switching her job to Recycling at Southside. Find out what we discovered about her new job in our interview below.

What do you like about working in recycling?
I am excited about learning new things.
What do you miss about the tech room?
I miss seeing the artists everyday and I miss being involved in all of the artwork that is made.

Please describe your new job?
My new job is the Resource Assistant for the Recycling Department. So far it is interesting and fun.

Have the people in recycling already interviewed you?
Yes, when I started they asked me a lot of questions about who I am and what I like to do.

Where can we find you, and do you mind if we stop in to say hi?
Of course I don’t mind. I enjoy seeing all of you and I would like to see all of you, and I would like to keep seeing all the cool art that everyone makes.

By Lisa and A’Tayvia