Forgetting Sarah Marshall Movie Review

By Joe Siciliano

Directed by Nicholas Stoller and co-produced by Judd Apatow, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” stars Jason Segel (who also wrote the script for the film) as a struggling musician named Peter Bretter who finds his world turned upside down when his celebrity girlfriend Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), dumps him for a tragically hip rock star, Aldous Snow (Russell Brand). Devastated by this event, Peter chooses to go on a vacation in Hawaii in order to try and move forward with his life, but trouble ensues when he runs into his ex on the island, as she is vacationing with her new boyfriend. The movie also stars Mila Kunis, Bill Hader, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd, and Jack McBrayer, and the movie ends with a Dracula-based rock opera involving puppets called “A Taste For Love”, in which Peter performs as Count Dracula. “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” first came out in 2008 and became such a big success, not to mention Jason Segel’s first hit film. This movie is definitely one of Jason’s best films, right next to both of his films, 2009’s “I Love You, Man” (which starred both him and Paul Rudd), and the 2011 Disney movie “The Muppets”. I have the movie on DVD, and it is one of my favorite movies because of Jason Segel’s outrageously funny, scene-stealing performance.

I was not familiar with Jason before until the first time I saw this movie, and it made me become a fan of his work so fast. Jason has come such a long, long way since his career took off, and I have been his number one fan since 2011. I sure hope that he will keep on doing what he loves to do. Also, I truly believe that he can go as far as he wants to go and nothing is impossible for him. He has real talent, such good looks, and an amazing singing voice because I have heard him sing before, and he will always be a big star in my eyes no matter what. Seriously, “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” will always be one of the funniest comedy films of all time, and I will never ever get tired of watching it for as long as I live!


Gina’s List of the Best Parts of Life

By Gina Simonsen

My name is Gina Simonsen. I love coming up with new ideas and I love to experiment. I recently started writing for the blog. This is my second article and it is about some of my favorite things.

Shopping is one of my favorite things to do on the weekend. I love to shop at Hallmark and the Bible store. I also love to go to the movies and get popcorn and Diet Coke at the theater. I love to get new coloring books, ones that also have dot-to-dots in them. I also love to go to Target. One of the really cute things I got at Hallmark was a statue of Minnie sitting on a fence and Mickey giving her a rose and smelling it. On the fence there are roses. I love to go to the Bible store to look at new Bible books. I love going shopping to these stores with my mom. I also love to go out to dinner and breakfast with my mom and dad.

One of my favorite movies is Splash with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah. I also love the TV shows and movies Hallmark makes. Another one of my favorite movies is The Good Dinosaur. It is about a father dinosaur who teaches his son to deal with his fears. Two of my favorite TV shows are The Price Is Right and Chain Reaction.

I also love to listen to music. One of my favorite singers is Stevie Wonder and he sings “That’s What Friends Are For”. Another one of my favorite singers that I love and admire is Pharrell Williams and he sings “Happy”. I also love Bruno Mars and he sings “Uptown Funk”. I also love Benny King and he sings the song from that movie Stand By Me. I also like a little bit of country music. Three country singers I like are Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, and Reba McEntire. Another one of my favorite singers that I love and admire is Blake Shelton.

Southside Art Center is a great program and I never want to go to another program. This will be my farewell article for The Daily Grind Blog, and I hope you have enjoyed it!

Questions for April

by Lisa Silva, photo by A’Tayvia Ashwood

April is a nice lady. She is my current client coordinator. For a long time she was our mixed media studio instructor here at Southside. Now she is the Art Department Supervisor. Read my interview to find out some of her favorite things and more about her work at Southside.

How did you end up at Southside?

I worked in the non-profit sector for years, and love working in places that help people. I have also been an artist pretty much since Ii was born so this position seemed perfect to merge those two worlds.

What jobs did you have before?

I’ve worked in offices mostly and spent a while with Girl Scouts teaching girls art and leadership skills.

How did you move to Sacramento?

I’ve lived in Sacramento all my life actually.

How do you like teaching at Southside?

I love teaching art at Southside, definitely the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.

Why did you apply to John’s Job? How do you like it so far?

I applied for John’s job because I have learned a lot since I started with Southside and I thought that I could be a good leader for the team. So far it’s going great! I’m learning lots of new things so far and growing my skill set. Its going great!

What is your favorite song? Do you like R+B, rock?

I love all kinds of music – rap, hip-hop, alternative – you name it, I don’t really have a favorite.

What is your favorite color?

That’s tough. I love all colors but I guess if had to chose it would be purple.

How did you become my client coordinator?

I inherited your case after and another staff left and have been happy to work with you.

Going to Yosemite National Park Trip

 by Polina Tyler

Illustration by Stephan Slaff

In June I will be going to a national park called Yosemite for a camping trip. I will be going with a group of campers from camp Kern that’s located in Santa Cruz. I will take the bus from west Sacramento to Santa Cruz on Monday. Then, on Tuesday we head off to Yosemite Valley and stay there for a week. We will go hiking, fishing, and swimming in a lake. We will hike in the lower and higher part of Yosemite Valley. We will have counselors to guide the hiking trips and we will sleep in tents or cabins in Yosemite. We will focus on finding wildlife for food like rabbits, fish, and deer – maybe even Tarantula spiders! Then on Saturday we will head home to Sacramento, CA.  I will have the “terrible horrible threesome” with me on this adventure. That is my group of stuffed animals.

I like Yosemite National Park because it’s a cool place and has lots of waterfalls and nice trails including Halfdome. This will be my first time going to Yosemite National Park. It will be fun seeing nature and wildlife like bears and rabbits.

When I go to Yosemite I will need to bring a lot of stuff.

 Packing list




Tent/first aid

Sleeping bag/blanket/pillow

Soap /shampoo


Clothes /jeans

Shirts /sweater

Long sleeves /short sleeves

Tennis shoes/hiking boots

Books/stuffed animal zest



Pepperspray/whistle bug spray repellent

Swimsuit/bathing suit

Fishing Pole


I can’t wait for my trip!



The Woman That Made Everything

by Gina Simonsen


One day there was a woman who would make stuff for all the seasons of the year for people. The woman’s name was Judy.

For Mother’s Day, Judy would make bouquets of flowers and sell them so people would buy them for their mothers. Judy also made dresses so women can give them to their mothers.

For Father’s Day, Judy made a bunch of short-sleeved shirts and some jeans. A few days later, she gave the short-sleeved shirts to her dad, and to her husband.

When July came around, Judy wanted to make her own fireworks. However, when she was researching how to make fireworks, she realized how dangerous it is, and that she might blow up her house. So she didn’t make them, and bought them instead. Her nieces and nephews came over, and they watched the firework show together.

For Independence Day, Judy would wear red, white and blue and she would also hold up the American Flag she made.

For October, Judy would make her costume, and dressed up. She would go to the store and buy candy and pass it out.

For November, Judy made mashed potatoes, turkey, duck, garlic bread and made pumpkin pie.

For December, Judy bought her Christmas Tree and her lights, but made all of her ornaments by hand. She also made her niece’s and nephews outfits. She went to her sister’s house with the presents, and her nieces and nephews were really excited when they opened them.

Because Judy worked so hard throughout the whole year, making such nice gifts, her sister decided to thank her, by taking her on a trip to Hawaii.

When you have feelings for people, always make them something from your heart. It will let them know how much you care and love them.

Jake Johnson Celebrity Profile

by Joe Siciliano

Jake Johnson is an actor who is probably best known to television audiences for playing the character Nick Miller on the comedy sitcom “New Girl”. Jake started his acting career in 2009 with co-starring roles in both comedy films, 2009’s “Paper Heart” and
2012’s “Safety Not Guaranteed”. He had his first starring role in the 2012 feature film
“Drinking Buddies”, he starred alongside Damon Wayans Jr. in the 2014 comedy film
“Let’s Be Cops”, and he appeared in the 2015 smash hit film “Jurassic World”. Since
2011, Jake has played the lovable slob Nick Miller on the hit comedy sitcom “New Girl”, which stars Zooey Deschanel as the main character, Jessica “Jess” Day. Ever since it first came out, “New Girl” has made Jake a big part of the show’s main cast, and the best thing about him is that he has the best personality, and he makes me laugh so hard until I cry. He really has a way of amazing me with everything he says and does, and I have been a huge fan of him since 2014. He has come such a long, long way because he is funny as heck and he always will be, no matter what. He currently resides in Los Angeles, and he has been married since 2006.

His comedy style is slapstick, and very physical as well. He never ceases to amaze me, he is so awesome, and the way he acts towards people just blows me away. He can be really weird sometimes, but he does it so well, and that’s what makes him so funny, good-looking, and super talented. He’s such a comedy savant, and I have never laughed so hard at someone like him before. I would love to see more of him in other projects besides his work on “New Girl”. I like to think of him as one of the funniest men in Hollywood these days, and I do believe that the best is yet to come for him. He’s not afraid to say what he thinks because he can say anything and get away with it. He has such a way with words, and it’s astounding to me. He also has such a powerful sense of humor, and he just gets funnier and funnier every time I watch him.