The Woman That Made Everything

by Gina Simonsen


One day there was a woman who would make stuff for all the seasons of the year for people. The woman’s name was Judy.

For Mother’s Day, Judy would make bouquets of flowers and sell them so people would buy them for their mothers. Judy also made dresses so women can give them to their mothers.

For Father’s Day, Judy made a bunch of short-sleeved shirts and some jeans. A few days later, she gave the short-sleeved shirts to her dad, and to her husband.

When July came around, Judy wanted to make her own fireworks. However, when she was researching how to make fireworks, she realized how dangerous it is, and that she might blow up her house. So she didn’t make them, and bought them instead. Her nieces and nephews came over, and they watched the firework show together.

For Independence Day, Judy would wear red, white and blue and she would also hold up the American Flag she made.

For October, Judy would make her costume, and dressed up. She would go to the store and buy candy and pass it out.

For November, Judy made mashed potatoes, turkey, duck, garlic bread and made pumpkin pie.

For December, Judy bought her Christmas Tree and her lights, but made all of her ornaments by hand. She also made her niece’s and nephews outfits. She went to her sister’s house with the presents, and her nieces and nephews were really excited when they opened them.

Because Judy worked so hard throughout the whole year, making such nice gifts, her sister decided to thank her, by taking her on a trip to Hawaii.

When you have feelings for people, always make them something from your heart. It will let them know how much you care and love them.


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