Going to Yosemite National Park Trip

 by Polina Tyler

Illustration by Stephan Slaff

In June I will be going to a national park called Yosemite for a camping trip. I will be going with a group of campers from camp Kern that’s located in Santa Cruz. I will take the bus from west Sacramento to Santa Cruz on Monday. Then, on Tuesday we head off to Yosemite Valley and stay there for a week. We will go hiking, fishing, and swimming in a lake. We will hike in the lower and higher part of Yosemite Valley. We will have counselors to guide the hiking trips and we will sleep in tents or cabins in Yosemite. We will focus on finding wildlife for food like rabbits, fish, and deer – maybe even Tarantula spiders! Then on Saturday we will head home to Sacramento, CA.  I will have the “terrible horrible threesome” with me on this adventure. That is my group of stuffed animals.

I like Yosemite National Park because it’s a cool place and has lots of waterfalls and nice trails including Halfdome. This will be my first time going to Yosemite National Park. It will be fun seeing nature and wildlife like bears and rabbits.

When I go to Yosemite I will need to bring a lot of stuff.

 Packing list




Tent/first aid

Sleeping bag/blanket/pillow

Soap /shampoo


Clothes /jeans

Shirts /sweater

Long sleeves /short sleeves

Tennis shoes/hiking boots

Books/stuffed animal zest



Pepperspray/whistle bug spray repellent

Swimsuit/bathing suit

Fishing Pole


I can’t wait for my trip!




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