Gabriel’s Scary Stuff

By Lisa Silva

Gabriel is a good artist and a good friend. I talked to him about his art. He is a good listener. He likes to do games on his computer. He likes to do scary drawings. I like his art, but maybe not how scary it is. Once we collaborated on a ceramics piece. It was a clown mask.

He has been an artist since he was three years old, and has been at Southside a long time. His favorite subject to draw is clowns. He is a very good drawer. It is very high quality. He also loves drawing villains. You can tell he practices a lot and took art classes his whole life. On top of that, he does computers, music, ceramics, and painting here at Southside.
I’m glad I got to talk Gabe about his art, he is nice guy.


Southside Ensemble Interview

by Lisa Silva

Photo by Yelena Z.

I interviewed the band because they are good people and good friends. They play a variety of musical styles. I hear them practice and think they are great. Read my interview to find out a little more about these great musicians.

When is your next gig?
August 11 at the Southside 30 Year Anniversary Carnival.

Do you have fun? Do you do other things like dancing during the gig?
Generally we concentrate on singing. When Joe does solos he has moves for the songs, and gets into the groove. Pam moves a lot while playing drums though

How long have you each been in the band?
Matthew – 3 years
Jose – 5 years
Joe – 2 years
Thanh – 6 years
Jemel – 15 years
Pam – 10 years
Who was the first music instructor here?
James is the first we had, Joy, then Brennan, then Christina, then Eric, and now Liz!

How long have you been singing or playing your instrument?
Jemel and Mathew have been playing keyboard since they were little. Pam has been playing drums since before she began band, Thanh, Joe, Jose and Mathew have sung their whole lives.

Can each of you tell me your most memorable moment from the band?
Some of our most memorable moments include some favorite gigs. Jemel enjoyed the Christmas party at the old building. More recently we enjoyed playing at the Red Lion Inn, Fairytale Town, and the Auburn Art Walk.