Joe Siciliano – Editor

My name is Joe Siciliano. What I like to do at Southside Art Center is sing my heart out with the Southside Ensemble band and write articles for Southside Art Center’s blog, “The Daily Grind”. What I like to do in my own spare time is watch TV and listen to music. I like to keep it positive 24/7, and I don’t put up with any negativity when I’m at Southside (I’ve always been this way). What I like to write about in Southside Art Center’s blog is articles about Hollywood celebrities that I like to watch and I also like to write articles about my favorite singers, as well.



Polina Tyler

Hi my name is Polina Tyler and I am 24 years old. I like going to Southside Art Center to make art. My favorite studios are writing in the computer studio and making mosaic tiles in the mixed media studio. I like to talk to my friend Matthew at Southside Art Center. When I go home I like to watch the Ellen DeGeneres show and play on the computer or my tablet. I also like to watch movies. I have a black cat that likes to visit me. I enjoy writing stories about celebrities that I like.



Mitchell Graves

I like to draw anime characters and  design my own comics. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, barbecuing, and playing in imaginary worlds. My favorite band is Disney Dudez. I write about Southside artists, take photos for the blog, and write stories.



Lisa Silva

I like the ceramics studio because I can make animals and masks. I also have fun practicing typing so I can get better at writing. I have a puppy named Cookie. She is half Pomeranian. I like to play outside with my dog. In my spare time I listen to the radio and watch movies on the TV or on video tapes. On the weekend I go shopping with my sisters. I have three brothers and three sisters. I like to be with my family and to spend time with my friends at Southside.



A’Tayvia Ashwood

I am A’Tayvia Ashwood and I like to listen to music and play games. At Southside I enjoy ceramics and printing making. I like getting my nails done and going shopping in my free time. I also like to go to birthday parties and having friends over. Watching TV and playing with my nieces is fun. I love eating food. I like my family, my friends and my neighbor.



Anthony Tyler

My name is Anthony N. Tyler (nickname Booda). I’m 24 years old, I live with my mom, dad, bro, grand folks and three dogs (Bobo,Oscar and Plato). It’s a full house!  I love Southside and the way it helps physically or mentally disabled adults, whether through socializing or expressing feelings by interacting with art. I got into art at a young age because of my mom, she’s an excellent artist. I asked her to please teach me, she did, and also told me that it just takes practice. That was the start of my journey into art. Every time I’m done with my work or waiting for lunch I’m drawing. To this day I’m still improving my drawings and always will be.


Thomas Dronet

My name is Thomas L. Dronet Jr. When I am at Southside I try hard to learn how to be a better artist. In my spare time I like to read, draw and paint. I have two sons and it makes me proud to be a dad. I write a Words of Wisdom section for the blog, and I also write about different cultures and space exploration.



Vincent Cochran

At Southside I enjoy creating ceramic artwork and watercolor paintings. I also like to look for inspiration on the computer. In my spare time I like to read books, sleep, play video games, go outside and take walks. I like to do interviews with other artists and also write my own stories.



Regina Johnson

My name is Regina R Serenity Johnson. I am 23 years old. I have 5 brothers, 5 sisters, 3 nephews, and 7 nieces! I have a big family! I love music. Singing is my passion and dream. Life hurts sometimes but just keep your head up and be yourself. Don’t compare yourself with anything or anyone. I go to Harvest Church. If I won a million dollars I would use it for very great cause and feed the homeless. I believe love is about royalty, and passion and true beauty inside the soul. If you have love in your heart it will shine.



Lorena Torres

I’m Lorena Torres. I live on my own in South Sacramento with my adorable 5 year old chihuahua Luna and she’s a good girl. I’m 30 years old and I’m a Mexican. I like ceramics because I can get my hands dirty and make coasters, and computers because I can write. In my spare time I like to crochet, knit, latch hook, cross stitch, hang out with my best friend and her family, go to church, listen to music, be on Facebook and play games online. I like to write about everything but I love to write poems and short stories.



Prometheus Lewis

I like making different arts and crafts. I really enjoy working with wire and making jewelry. I also like to draw and sketch on my own and to work on computers. I love my church and I love going every Sunday. I have a Nintendo that I play so I can relax. My favorite games are Wii Sports, especially tennis, and art games. I am clever and I like telling jokes to make people laugh. For the Daily Grind, I like to write video game reviews and interview artists.



Ted Yeager

My name is George Theodore Yeager, I like to go by Ted. I enjoy writing short stories, some of them are true and some of them are made up. I also enjoy making greeting cards. I enjoy making them because they mean more when they are made instead of being store bought. When you give someone something that was made by you, you are giving them a part of you that will be long remembered. I started writing in the 11th grade when I worked on the yearbook staff. I later developed an interest in Journalism and started writing for my school’s newspaper. Now I write for the Southside’s Daily Grind and I like writing articles about people with disabilities and the problems that we face.


Gina Simonsen

I love storytelling and photography. I love to make up stories from my heart, it is really fun. I also love knitting. It is really nice and relaxing. In photography I love taking photos and renaming the pictures for the gallery. I also love playing word search, it is really, really fun. I also love watching DVD’s on TV and taking naps. I also love to watch The Price Is Right at nighttime. On Monday nights my mom tapes Dancing With The Stars for me, and on Wednesday I like to watch Survivor. I also like to watch movies with my mom on Saturday. On Saturday mornings I love it when my dad fixes pancakes and lets me have chocolate milk. I also love to go shopping with my mom.


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